Monday, 25 February 2008

cilla ramnek (knit)

Framed plastic bead patterns, shown at Studio Laila

Another artist who uses knit to great effect is Cilla Ramnek. Having studied at the University College of Arts, Crafts & Design in Stockholm, she has shown enormous versatility by designing fabrics for IKEA, producing a couple of craft books, creating artworks for public spaces and exhibiting in Stockholm and Tokyo.

Ramnek has an eclectic but solid approach. Her work is primarily concerned with texture, such as the wonderful beaded glass panels (pictured top), which look like woven fabrics.

Floor decor, glass mosaic, Saturnus Café, Stockholm

Having the appearance of woven flooring, the floor above is in fact a carefully constructed glass mosaic. There is a tension between the materials represented versus the materials used to convey this. But it is an ultimately comfortable marriage of imagery and medium.

Souvenires. Mixed media. Exhibition at Teatergalleriet, Kalmar 2005

Her work shows great intelligence. Ramnek has an ability to make the works welcoming, democratic and not intellectually untouchable, regularly demonstrating an almost folksy feel.

Lucia, lamp by Cilla Ramnek, exhibited at Materia showroom 2003

Moving onto her light installations and we see more change and versatility as she happily skips from one discipline to another. Again a connection with stitch, pattern and texture is ever-present. Whilst colourful and densely patterned, the artworks remain conceptually spare, with no overstatement, waste or excess of detail - yet remaining able to demonstrate quite cleverly her playfulness with each medium.

She has an ability to apply pixie magic-dust, quirky individuality and straight, smart logic to any project. Her craft books show a totally unique approach to recycling, hand crafting and self-expression. The images shown are unique and beautifully stylish yet always unpretentious, which makes the projects feel attainable. The models appear interesting and warm. One imagines her personality is such that she cannot help this human touch creeping into everything she does.
knitwear images taken from knitprovisation by Cilla Ramnek

Ett eget rum, by Cilla Ramnek, Nanna Mörner and Pia Ulin, published by Ica-förlaget 2001.

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