Wednesday, 12 March 2008

lisa anne auerbach (knit)

Due to a poorly baby, this is a short entry in my little season of all things knit. I hope to be back to normal soon. sorry.
Lisa Anne Auerbach is a great artist, I hope you'll find her as marvellous as I do.
These are images of her with a recently knitted yurt. Yep - the whole yurt, all knitted - amazing.
please check out her hilarious, insightful and thought-provoking blog here
and her website here


Ravenhill said...

Get well soon! We are sick here too. I wrote you a few days ago to inquire whether or not I could feature some of your quilts on my blog (I would just love to have your permission to use some of your photos!) I am so impressed by your work and adore the wonderful ways you have with fabrics. I would so love to show a few pictures on my blog. Could you please let me know when you have a moment and are feeling better. Thanks!

lovely textiles said...

Hello there. I can't get my replies through to you. If you send me a flickr mail I can reply there. I tried to send you one and it failed Hope you're better too. xx e