Thursday, 13 December 2007

dib dib dib ... dob dob dob

This blanket isn’t about a person or a specific story, it’s about a certain kind of ‘attitude’ I like.

It's about loving the way people customise things and commemorate their experiences. Guide, Scout and Brownie blankets (for me) totally embody that. What a clever thing to get kids to do, to cut a hole out of a blanket and wear it round the campfire at night, fashioning a marvellous poncho… Then to go and make it their own wearable museum, prompting their memories of ‘camp’ and adventures. Fantastic.

Unfortunately, I was thrown out of brownies after a very short stint. Being a bit of a wriggler and rubbish at the 'obedience' bit of the prayer, I leap-frogged over the collection box and that was that. Thrown out with no if’s or but’s. Ha! I hope old vinegar-tits Brown Owl had her tolerance badge taken away that day.

This piece is my pretend brownie blanket. It’s the size of a double bed, so sadly, I can’t wear it as a poncho. I feel it’s going to get a lot more work on it, another one that’s growing. As a collector/hoarder/messy person, I love, love, LOVE the fact that all the badges I had actually did come in handy.


Anonymous said...

Your projects are so amazing! I came upon them on flickr and immediately bookmarked your albums.

I can't believe I'm leaving the first comment on this post! Your quilts are amazing!

I'm a big fan of the yoga bag on flickr :)

Have you put any of these projects on craftster?

Anonymous said...

As a long time fan of your beautiful work I was thrilled when a friend told me about your blog.

The earlier posts about your family are amusing and warm, a real treasure to find.

I do hope you keep it up.

Jean Harmer

volksfaden said...

I just found your blog via bloesem and I think your work is just lovely! It is touching und very unique. Thank you for sharing it!

lovely textiles said...

Sorry, I deleted some comments by accident. I'm not very slick at this yet. x