Thursday, 13 December 2007

more, more, more

It’s covered in amazing badges from many different places and many different era’s. I’m gradually blanket stitching my way round them. Pennants, I also happen to love and will be cramming them in willy-nilly. I aim to put more, more, l-l-l-l-lovely more of those and everything else on. Chaos, I know, but who cares, I somehow think it wants to go that way.

As I use my throbbing, hard-as-nails, leathery old work-worn fingers to stitch my way round, it’s like meditation. Whatever’s on the radio or what might happen whilst I’m stitching, comes back to mind when we’re under it, or my cat’s purring his way across it, leaving ominous ginger hairs in his wake. Very Proustian. The more I put into it, the more I get out. Memories, details to look at, plays I listened to on the radio... it all comes wafting like a jostick, back through my cluttered mind – which is magic, isn’t it?

The prayer, I also love. This is actually a print with some embroidering over it. I’ve got the precious (to me) original in my textile collection and admire it enormously. If the blogging format works for me, then I’ll no doubt be making a future entry about the goodies in my humble personal textile collection.

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Joanna said...

My Brownie Girl Scout and I found this entry. We would love to see more images of this project.