Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Sandra Backlund (knit)

photo peter farago

archive - photo peter farago

perfect hurts - photo andreas kock

Sandra Backlund is one of life's true originals. Her work is without trend - there is no 'this season' or 'last season', it appears that each new collection is a new direction of almost scientific experimentation for her. This brave exploration mixed with (spades of) natural talent makes her work unique and always exciting. Not being influenced, following her own imagination, travelling into her own mind... takes her on daring journeys and maintains absolute honesty. Surely this is the hardest challenge for any artist or designer - to keep moving in new directions and to be truly original.

photo - peter farago

body skin and hair collectin - photo - calle stoltz, lundlund

This is meticulously crafted work that employs an exciting combination of art, sculpture, craft and as she states herself... therapy. I happen to believe that we creative types are prompted to do what we do because of some sort of compulsion. So when I heard Sandra Backlund's views on knitting I was delighted.

current collection - photo - ola bergengren, adamsky

Having experimented with knitting at college, she constructs her pieces/garments sometimes in sections - an almost sculptural approach from a variety of materials. Sometimes the garments appear to have a foot in history and a foot in the future.. opera, sci fi and couture simultaneously.

don't walk collection - photo - denise grunstein

I came across Sandra Backlund on the
Living in Andyland blog


Anonymous said...

WOW!! AWEsome!! :D

Anonymous said...

Your blog's becoming essential reading for me. I'm fascinated, you've got a great angle and I love how you're putting things together.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, I've read it all, have spent a good couple of hours (since my son went to sleep) just immersed in the fascinating stories of your quilts and sketch books.
I specially love your quilts and the way you describe the process mental and physical you go through with each one of them
This is all very inspiring
thanks for sharing your work

Marichelle said...

:o that's incredible! And you are absolutely right, it is timeless and season-less. It dances to the beat of its own drum! -Marichelle

Cecilia Levy said...

I've come across Sandras work before - she's something else...

DingDongBell said...

Gosh she’s amazing – these pieces and images are so extreme and futuristic – and incredibly inspiring...

You find the Most Incredible Things, this blog is my absolute favourite, whenever I am feeling a creative block I turn to you get inspired. Thankyou so much for putting this together for all our enjoyment.

Anonymous said...

her designs are beyond amazing. fanciful and awe inspiring. here is an older profile of her

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Anonymous said...

This is crazy great work. I am so in love with Sandra's designs. really cool and creative work.