Tuesday, 15 March 2011

work in progress

floor installation - richard woods
window installations throughout - elvis robertson

my apologies to anyone who has left me a message or email on this blog. In addition to being preoccupied with a large project, I was taken very ill during Christmas and New Year and have made a slow but wonderful recovery.

This particular project works with light and extremely intricately hand cut suede which is attached to a sheer organza.

It will work as one piece across a wing of a house. The pieces flow into each other to form one large image. I also have other work in development which means I am continuously distracted.

There are so many exciting artists and incredible work around that I would like to show and share opinions on, so I hope to resume the blog as soon as I get some time. However I will be engrossed until about June and hope to share a special summer with my daughter and partner - the best kind of work in progress. At some point I will publish all the comments and reply to anyone that has been kind enough to get in touch with me.

Thank you to anyone who has continued to drop by or make contact with me. It is amazing to think that people are interested in my anorak ramblings. I am touched and thankful.

I will add more images to my website
my stitching assistant is mirek lucan


pen said...

have missed you dreadfully
hope you are feeling better and a summer with the family sounds fabulous
and the work is BEAUTIFUL!
email soon?
pen xxx

lovely textiles said...

You betcha. How are you? Hope you've had a wonderful summer and looking forward to crisp Autumn as I recall you're rather partial to.
Sorry I've been so underground for so long. A virus left me with a damaged heart and chronic fatigue but making great progress. Can't wait to catch up with you. I'll email as soon as I can. So hard to have a life and an all-consuming vocation at times... Much decrepit stitch-addled love to you xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

lovely to see you back,

and work on organza?

my goodness, I cant wait to see more.

lovely textiles said...

Thanks so much, it's great to pop back briefly.
Yes, working on fine organza. It's heavy too, so quite literally a balancing act.

Linda Branch Dunn said...

Stunning work. Wish I could see it in person. Thank you for posting.

PatrĂ­cia Karina said...

Lindos trabalhos, limpos e raros! Ameeei!!!!

Fabrics Cheltenham said...

These are brilliant, They are great and interesting, especially things like the multicoloured buttons in the design.

Christine said...

Oh my! I linked over through the blog of Terry Jarrard Dimond. Dear me Elvis, this work is amazing. Hand-cut suede? Are you hand stitching it to the organza? this is brilliant!

Claire said...

Absolutely gorgeous, I love it..........all that time and effort has paid off.

Sorry to read you have been so unwell, hope the time spent with your family has seen you well on the road to recovery.

Claire :}