Wednesday, 29 May 2013

my work - exterior view

This is an exterior shot of a house I worked on and haven't had a chance to show yet. 

The pieces are subtly colourful on the inside, littered with crystals, sequins and so on.

From the outside, during the daytime they are barely noticeable and opaque.

At night, when lit, they have a more graphic effect from outside.

The 9 windows portray the trees from the street, sprawling across the house.

I will upload some more detailed images soon.

 in the meantime, more are on my website
photos courtesy of the rather fabulous gary wallis
my stitching assistant was mirek lucan


Unknown said...

Your work is so exquisite! Quite magical with the light behind it. The shadow work brings another dimension to the pieces!

lovely textiles said...

Thanks so much for your visit and comment Rebecca. It's quite a technical challenge working on such a large scale but we wanted to achieve something graphic and strong without drawing too much attention to the house. I gather the window pieces are fun to live with and must get around to making some for myself!